Computational Plasticity

We wonder, how can a computation operate usefully in a broad range of applications? We have some simple examples. Here we try to imagine more.

Example. Use of the pronoun "we" makes page content more mobile in that it is easily forked into the sites of new collaborators without needing to tune this bit of grammar.

Example. We algorithmically construct graphs in dot to be rendered with Graphviz. Our algorithm runs client or server as does Graphviz. But we must wrap both with different input and output mechanisms for them to interact as intended in plugins, frames, tabs and deno scripts.

Imagine. How could an item interact with other items or the pages that contain them? How could a page interact with tabs or frames with or without the notion of a lineup?

Imagine. Could data in files or streams "intend" to be processed by whatever means are conveniently available?