TTGO TBeam Tracks

We've configured TTGO TBeam Tracker to record spot reports as they arrive every 20 seconds. We save tracks for further analysis and visualization. helium

Blue dots 🔵 track me on a bike ride. Red dots 🔴 show were my reports reached the internet. Interpolated missing reports shown as brown dots along a track. Large markers are trails I have explored during the pandemic. github HEIGHT 350

Notable tracks in Portland. Links in pop-ups.

45.4425059, -122.7788763 Subway Dinner 45.5011696, -122.7104863 Fairmount Boulevard 45.4701723, -122.7351634 April Hill Park 45.4720544, -122.7729978 Whitford 45.4778884, -122.6984775 Hillsdale 45.4572785, -122.7228733 Woods Memorial 45.4190990, -122.8111863 Bull Mountain

Failed route to Woods Memorial. google